Step into a new universe of streetwear

Street Social was created in 2020 amongst the chaos of COVID-19, we envisioned a world where life would resume as normal and everyone would be able to interact again. We began as a brand focused on appealing to the partying teens market as we missed nightclubbing so dearly and evolved into a brand focused on giving our customers a unique experience that allows development of a strong community.


Being eco-friendly is also a strong passion of ours and aim to educate our customers and influence safe environmental practices and help carve the way for the next generation. 


Our vision at Street Social is to provide a fresh perspective to Perth's streetwear scene. We aim to cater to the different personalities of our consumers and allow them to express themselves through clothes. We also want to create a community of like-minded people and be environmentally conscious by doing so. 


At Street Social, we ship with Sendle which is Australia's first 100% Carbon Neutral delivery service. Shipping can take a toll on the environment. That’s why Sendle has been 100% carbon neutral from day one. They calculate the carbon footprint of each and every shipment and purchase offsets from invaluable environmental projects around the world.

Zero. That’s precisely the carbon footprint of every shipment you get from us. So, that must feel good.



We also package our shirts in eco-friendly compostable packaging which means it is created with NO plastic, pretty good right? Hero Packaging mailers and garment bags are made from mostly plant-based materials such as PLA and a certified compostable material called PBAT (some seriously fancy ways of saying corn starch and bonding agents). Once composted properly, the HEROPACKs will start to break down and turn into amazing fertiliser for the garden. This takes about 90-120 days (3-4 months). If the mailers do end up in landfill, they will thankfully still break down. We would never encourage our packaging to go to landfill because it still contributes to wastage, but we know that within a couple of years, the mailers will start to decompose. Instructions on composting are below and alternatively if you don't compost at home visit the link below to find a composter near you or look to your local council.

Hero Packaging